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Dairy-free & Vegan Dessert Recipes

Whether you prefer chocolate or vanilla desserts or whether you have a fully stocked refrigerator or just a few pantry essentials, there is something for everyone on this list. Make them all and tell us which vegan dessert recipe on the list is your favorite!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

vegan chipwich - dairy-free ice cream sandwich

A true Vanilla Bean dream! Creamy Forager Project Vanilla Bean dairy-free frozen dessert sandwiched between soft vegan chocolate chip cookies is an unbeatable combination. Make these chocolate chip cookie vegan ice cream sandwiches and see for yourself!


Vegan Hot Chocolate


This dairy-free and vegan hot chocolate is an easy and satisfying dessert. You can also add a shot of expresso to this vegan hot chocolate for a great afternoon pick me up. The best part of this hot chocolate is the last few sips – saving a tablespoon of chocolate chips for the bottom of the cup makes for a delicious sip of melted chocolate at the end.  If you prefer frozen hot chocolate, try this cocoa cashew dairy-free smoothie.


Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes


These Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes are the most perfect moist cupcake recipe for vegans to have on hand.  Forager Project Vanilla Bean Cashew Yogurt adds body to this decadent vegan frosting and to create a frosting with less sugar and more vanilla flavor. The cake batter is sweetened with coconut sugar, giving it a subtle brown sugar caramel flavor. This recipe is gluten-free and calls for gluten-free flour, but you can also substitute all-purpose flour if you prefer. Make extra vanilla frosting and use it to top berries or bananas and chocolate if you have a sweet craving but not enough time to make the cake!


Vegan Brownies


These dairy-free and vegan brownies are gooey on the inside with a nice crunch on bottom from the Grain-free O’s cereal crust. For a triple chocolate brownie, try switching the Plain Grain-free O’s for the Chocolate in this recipe.


Orange Creamsicle Frozen Yogurt

creamiscle vegan frozen yogurt

This simple five-ingredient Orange Creamsicle Vegan Frozen Yogurt is an easy and delicious, sweet treat to make at home.  Zesty orange juice and sweet vanilla come together in this healthy, dairy-free and vegan take on a classic orange creamsicle. Antioxidant-rich turmeric powder boosts the subtle orange color and adds a nice earthy note to this satisfying treat. Feel free to swap the navel orange with a Tangerine or Valencia orange, depending on the time of year and what you can find at the grocery store.


Easy No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Date Bars

No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Date Bars

These Easy No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Date Bars are quick and easy to make using simple ingredients. Make these bars ahead of time for the perfect snack or dessert that’s ready when you are. With only seven ingredients, these bars only require a few pantry staples (dates, nuts, coconut oil).  Added bonus – these bars are vegan, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened with dates.


Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bites
Cookies and Cream Vegan Ice Cream Bites

Crumbly cookies and fudgy chocolate ganache are topped with Forager Project Cookies & Cream Vegan Frozen Dessert. Our Vegan Cookies & Cream Frozen Dessert is made with a creamy rich vanilla bean cashewmilk base,  loaded with chunks of cookie and combined with a liquified cookie blend.  Check out the recipe for these simple, perfectly-portioned personal vegan ice cream cake bites.

Vegan Frozen Dessert

Glorious organic ice cream, with a vegan twist. If you are in the mood for a decadent vegan dessert but don’t want to bake, then try our dairy-free frozen dessert. Simple ingredients, perfectly paired are blended into our creamy organic Cashewmilk to create an indulgent experience made especially for ice cream lovers. Available in five delicious flavors – Vanilla Bean, Bittersweet Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chip and Salted Caramel.


If you have more vegan dessert ideas you think others would enjoy – please share them with us.

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