Grown your own fruits and veggies....from seed packets!


From seeds to plants to your plate!

Grow your own plants from these organic seed packets

We found these amazing little seed packets from The Little Veggie Patch!

The Little Veggie Patch Co (LVPC) is a business dedicated to helping people grow food and we believe it is something that everyone can do, regardless of your skill-set or space at your disposal. So no matter whether you live in an inner city apartment or a block of land in the sprawling suburbs, LVPC will have you growing your own produce in no time.

The History

Their business began in 2008 as a little company that installed raised garden beds and larger edible gardens in people’s homes. Growing food for other people was very much a niche at the time, but one that was expanding alongside the slow food movement and a heightened awareness of the origins of the produce. Since then, their installations have moved towards a style of smaller space gardening; taking on the ideas of permaculture and combining them with the constraints of space and time. Quickly, LVPC raised garden beds became recycled apple crates and their veggie crates have become a product tied to the identity of the business ever since.

Heirloom Seeds

In 2009 they released a first range of heirloom seeds, starting with four varieties of LVPC’s vegetable soulmate: the tomato. It seemed the perfect starting point.

The range now has over 50 varieties and continues to grow alongside the demand for heirloom seeds. They believe that growing and saving such seeds will ensure that tomatoes continue to taste like tomatoes and we encourage you all to join us in keeping real food alive!


Australia has the perfect climate for growing year round!

Google a calendar for your state!

Ultimately, LVPC wants to live the best of country life in the city, the highlight of which is sharing produce with our friends and family.

Sharing the very tangible, great tasting food on our plates, but also the things that are less quantifiable. The experience. The sense of having provided. Seeing the smiles on faces sitting at your table. And perhaps most importantly, growing a new food culture that began right here: in our own little veggie patches.

Alex Matthews