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Your voice matters.

We believe organic plant-based food can help make the world a better place. Like healthy soil is the foundation of organic food, we believe voting is the foundation of a healthy democracy.  We have created this page to provide you with some of the many resources available to help you participate easily and thoughtfully. Your voice matters, your vote counts.


Some resources.


Am I Registered?

If you’re unsure if you are registered to vote, You can check your status on or one of many non-partisan organizations like Rock the Vote and that offer easy online ways to see if you’re registered.


How Can I Register?

Registering to vote may be easier than you think. is an official website of the government where you can register to vote. The register-to-vote page of Vote America is just one example of a simple way to register.



Voting Resources

From the League of Women Voters’ to BallotReady’s Election Center, there are more resources than ever to help you know more about the people, policies, and requirements of voting.

“Together, we can leave the world a better place than we found it.”

Roy Herbert Case