Welcome to Forager 100 Ways!


We have been busy behind the scenes cooking up ways to share how versatile our organic, dairy-free products can be used in your pantry. We love pantries. Its the soul of your kitchen. Besides your oven or grill, your pantry is the one place that we go seeking in everyday for inspiration on what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Forager 100 Ways is a series of 100 recipe ideas created by guest chefs using Forager products. Each month we will release 10 new recipes, that are simple, easy to make and delicous.

Over the next 6 months, these pages will feature fun and imaginative recipes that use everything from our plain unsweetened Cashewgurt to our re-imagined veggie tortilla chips, to create family freindly plates for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we have liked creating them for you

Come Forage with us!

The Forager team

Alex Matthews