Obsessed with Everlane


Sustainable essentials

Everlane from San Francisco uses only sustainable fabrics

As we move towards our 2020 sustainability goals we are wanted to recognise a few like-minded brands from our home town of San Francisco. 

Enter Everlane

Not only is Everlane timeless and trendless, they also appeal to your pocket! Its Everlane's dedication to partner with the best, ethical factories around the world that caught our attention. They source only the finest materials, and share those stories with you—down to the true cost of every product they make. It’s a new way of doing things. They call it Radical Transparency.

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The Gamine box cut tee

The fabric is a combed cotton that gets softer over time.

Radically transparent.

Everlane believe that their customers have a right to know how much their clothes cost to make. They reveal the true costs behind all of our products—from materials to labor to transportation—minus the traditional retail markup

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Unico Global VN

Everlane's technical outerwear factory in Bac Giang, Vietnam

If you read about our adventures in Vietnam - click here for more info - you will know that we share a passion for the Cashew and Vietnam. The same goes for Everlane!

Their technical outerwear factory in Bac Giang, Vietnam, has been producing technical, weather-ready garments for top brands since 1996—not to mention uniforms for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Specializing in insulation-filling and seam-sealing, this factory has a particularly focused and technical approach to manufacturing, resulting in high-quality workmanship.

How They Found It

Everlane is always looking to work with factories that share a commitment to ethical manufacturing. When they were introduced to this factory in Bac Giang by a member of their production team, they were intrigued by their streamlined approach to creating product: all manufacturing happens under one roof, rather than in different factories. They ended up choosing them because of their top-notch production methods and super-transparent business ethos.

About The Factory

In Vietnam, mass manufacturers make up a large part of the landscape. Our factory is different. The owner, Mr. Jang, produces for a small list of brands, choosing to be particular and focused rather than broad and generalized.

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The straight leg crop

Each pair is garment-dyed for a soft, broken-in feel.

We believe that making food, or clothing, that is kind on the environment, transparent and good for you can make a difference. Everlane feel the same!

Sandy Yang