Vegan Holiday Baking & Cooking

It’s holiday baking time so we gathered our favorite cooking and baking tips to help you make delicious holiday treats and meals this holiday season.

The 101 of Cooking with Vegan Substitutes: Click here for simple dairy substitutes to use when making a vegan version of any recipe or when crafting your own vegan recipes.

Vegan Alternatives for Common Recipe Ingredients: Click here for tips from our own experience and nutrition experts on how to replace key ingredients you don’t have on hand or are avoiding when cooking.

Holiday cooking & baking recipes: Click here for delicious recipes to make this holiday season.

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Organic Baking Essentials

Cashewmilk Yogurt

Cashewmilk Yogurt

Our Organic Cashewmilk Yogurt is a great vegan alternative to buttermilk when baking - it will make your cakes and muffins tender and moist. For adding extra vanilla flavor to baked goods, we recommend using our Vanilla Bean Cashewmilk Yogurt.

Dairy-free Milk & Sour Cream

Dairy-free Milk & Sour Cream

Our Organic Oatmilk is subtlely sweet and a creamy addition to any baked good. Our Unsweetened Cashewmilk works well as a base for half & half substitutes and any savory dishes. For adding a subtle tang to baked goods, try our Dairy-free Sour Cream, crafted with organic cashews and coconut cream.

Vegan Whipped Cream

Vegan Whipped Cream

Our light, dairy-free whipped cream is as fluffy and delicious as the real thing. Add a dollop of our whipped cream to your favorite dessert, a bowl of berries or on top a warm cup of hot chocolate. Use as a 1:1 substitute for whipped cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to make vegan Half & Half is by reducing plant-based milk that is not low in fat. To do this, place 2 cups of Forager Project Unsweetened Organic Cashewmilk in a wide rim pan. Bring the milk to a boil on the stove and then reduce to very low heat, allowing the milk to thicken. Make sure to stir frequently with a whisk so that the solids do not stick to the bottom of the pan and burn. The reduction has finished when you have approximately 1 cup remaining.  This plant-based milk reduction can be used as a 1-to-1 replacement for Half & Half.

The best way to make a fluffy and tender cake or muffin is using Forager Project Unsweetened Drinkable Cashewmilk Yogurt or Forager Project Vanilla Cashewmilk Yogurt. When baking, these products function as literally the best vegan buttermilk! The lactic acid helps to tenderize the crumb of any cake recipe. Use Forager Project Cashewmilk Yogurt or Drinkable Cashewmilk Yogurt as a 1-for-1 substitute for buttermilk.

Try these Vegan Blueberry Muffins using Forager Project Vanilla Cashewmilk Yogurt.

Because it has such a creamy texture and delicate flavor, our Cashewmilk provides a base for all of our dairy-free products. Our small team of food crafters are also sticklers for good texture, so they have special methods to make our Cashewmilk Yogurt super creamy while also packing it with live active probiotic cultures.

All Forager products are certified organic. We’re committed to organic because it’s better for the earth and better for our bodies. Because we’re certified organic, it means our products contain no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives, no toxic or persistent chemicals, no synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge. What’s more, organic growing practices help enhance soil fertility while protecting wildlife and promoting biodiversity.

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