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Why Forager Project?

About us: Forager Project is a family-owned and operated organic food company, and we’ve been crafting our plant-based foods in California since 2013. We believe that the food we eat is as important as the air we breathe, so our mission is to improve human and planet health by making organic, plant-based whole foods.

Sourcing: We source our organic, sustainably-grown ingredients thoughtfully. We create our foods with a small team of artisans at our own facility in Indio, California.

Products: Our family of organic, plant-based foods are made with simple whole ingredients and can be used in multiple applications. Learn more about our yogurt, cheese, milk and more below.

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Our Products

Probiotic Vegan Yogurt

Probiotic Vegan Yogurt

Made from cashews, our yogurt is a creamy, delicious non-dairy alternative packed with probiotics. Try our traditional style cashewmilk yogurt or our drinkable yogurt.

Vegan Cheese

Vegan Cheese

Made from our Cashewmilk Yogurt, offering incredible melt & stretch, our organic, dairy-free cheese is specially crafted for all your everyday cheese needs and wants.

Milk & Milk Products

Milk & Milk Products

All of our milks are dairy-free, organic and deliciously creamy without any added gums. Crafted with organic cashew and coconut milk, our vegan sour cream is thick, creamy, and slightly tangy.


We searched far and wide to find cashews that met our very strict standards: organic, ethically sourced and sustainably farmed. We found them in Vietnam and the Ivory Coast where they don’t need irrigated water, an increasingly precious resource, to thrive. We work with a small group of farmers who care deeply about their workers and about producing the best cashews possible.

We use a specific blend of six different probiotics: S. THERMPOHILUS, L. BULGARICUS, L. ACIDOPHILUS, BIFIDUS, L. LACTIS, L. PLANTARUM. You’ll get 1 billion live active probiotic CFUs in every serving!

Yes, our vegan cheeses do melt! Keep in mind, different flavors are designed for different eating occasions. While our Vegan Jack and Vegan Mozzarella can be used in nearly every form, our Vegan Parmesan and Vegan Queso Fresco cheese generally perform better crumbled or shredded. We recommend heating our cheese to see its incredible melt and stretch.  For recipes on how to best cook our vegan cheese or general vegan cooking inspiration, check out our recipes page.

All Forager products are certified organic. We’re committed to organic because it’s better for the earth and better for our bodies. Because we’re certified organic, it means our products contain no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives, no toxic or persistent chemicals, no synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge. What’s more, organic growing practices help enhance soil fertility while protecting wildlife and promoting biodiversity.

Like most perishable foods, once they’re opened and exposed to air, our products typically last between 3-7 days in the refrigerator regardless of the expiration date. It’s always a good idea to check that your product smells and looks like it should before you eat it.

Yes! Check out our recipes page for cheese cooking inspiration.