Morning made simple


Ingredient Promise

We don’t create food.
Our food is nature led.
We co-create food with nature.

At Forager Project, we use only simple, organic plants to make our foods because we believe a plant-based diet is just plain better. Read on to learn more about our ingredient philosophy.

1. Always organic
Every product we make is certified organic by CCOF.  This mean you’ll never find any pesticides, chemicals, or GMOs in our products. Learn more about why we believe organic should be the norm, not the exception here.

2. Always vegan
We were founded on the belief that a simple, organic, plant-based diet of nuts, seeds, ancient grains and vegetables is key to a healthy life. Across our plant-based creamery and pantry snacks, all of our products are vegan.

3. Always real ingredients
We believe food should be minimally processed and made from real ingredients. Learn more about the nutritional content of the organic ingredients we choose here.

4. Always taste amazing
We believe in the power of plants and think that organic, plant-based foods are just as delicious as animal-based products while being better for the planet.